Dating tips men initial conversation

If you don’t know much about your date, having a nice friendly chatter over coffee won’t be an easy task.

What you would ideally like to do is to keep the conversation jitter free.

However, sharing funny date stories can easily fill up a couple of hours if you are a decent story teller.

If you don’t have anything to share just make up a few funny ones.

You would like to make the conversation smooth and interesting and steer clear of that awkward silence where your nervous urge to fill those gaps makes you blurt out something really stupid.

Experiencing a different place, trying out new cuisines, shopping for knickknacks and partying out all night – sharing vacation experiences truly makes for great conversation.Accept your date’s pass, redirect it slightly, and then return the ball— all with warmth and genuine interest in his or her responses.This acceptance and redirection is the push and pull that creates smoothness.Let it flow naturally, and you just might have the most memorable first date in history.Before diving into the online dating sea, Jakovljevic says you should be aware of what type of relationship you're after.

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