Another extension which includes both the real numbers and the infinite ordinal numbers of Georg Cantor is the surreal numbers.

"Plouffe's Inverter" includes a huge database of 54 million real numbers which are algebraically related to fundamental mathematical constants and functions.

Real gross domestic product (GDP) is an inflation-adjusted measure that reflects the value of all goods and services produced by an economy in a given year, expressed in base-year prices, and is often referred to as "constant-price," "inflation-corrected" GDP or "constant dollar GDP." Unlike nominal GDP, real GDP can account for changes in price level and provide a more accurate figure of economic growth.

GDP is a macroeconomic assessment that measures the value of the goods and services produced by an economic entity in a specific period, adjusted for inflation.

This is done by looking at the economic output of two periods and valuing each period with the same average prices and comparing the two together.


Numbers of the form , where and are both real, are called complex numbers, which also form a field. The first-ever X Games Real Mountain video contest has come to an end.Here's how the contest worked: Seven of North America's best big mountain ski resorts faced off in a battle to determine who has the best inbounds terrain.GDP is derived by valuing all production by an economy using a specific year's average prices.Governments use GDP as a comparison tool to analyze an economy's purchasing power and growth over time.

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