Tree ring dating powerpoint

Conversely, the main decadal to multidecadal ring-width variability at treeline locations may be related more closely to temperature than to precipitation (10).

Despite the challenges in using these natural archives of climate successfully, we argue that it is worthwhile to make considerable effort to achieve the best possible use of this concentration of long annual records.

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We used correlation analyses to investigate bristlecone growth response to modeled seasonal instrumental temperature and precipitation data, both along the White Mountain elevational transect and at the upper forest border in Nevada.Finally, we created a Great Basin regional upper-treeline chronology and compared it with both a density-based independent proxy record of temperature (22) and with modeled instrumental climate data (21).Map of the study area shows locations of 3 upper forest border sites: Sheep Mountain, CA (SHP); Mt. The inset includes the other sites used in the White Mountains, CA elevational transect: Patriarch Lower (PAL), Cottonwood Lower (CWL), and Methuselah Walk (MWK) (contour intervals = 200 m).As a result, these high-elevation tree-ring series contain some information on moisture availability, but they also bear an important imprint of temperature variability, so that both types of signal may be present in records from the upper treeline (1–7).There are interannual responses to precipitation variations at all elevations, including some degree of high-frequency variability related to extreme drought conditions at the upper treeline (8), although the variability related to precipitation is more pronounced at lower elevations (1, 9).

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